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John St. John
The Artist

His Work, His Life

"We were brought up to believe that we should make some contribution to the world, to leave something behind which would survive us, or to make the world a better place in which to live."

What Critics Have Said

Frank Getl ein. art critic, The Washington (D.C.) Star:

"John St. John uses a palette knife in short, sharp, regular movements and with a rare taste in color relationships. The resulting pictures suggest country hill or water, desert scenes and other places, but they contain a full measure of visual fascination in sheer texture. In two instances, a large bull and a nude, Mr. St. John applies this shimmering technique to subjects other than landscapes and it works equally well. He's an excellent artist with a lot of pleasure for the viewer." .



Norton Gallery and School of Art in West Palm Beach.

Studied With

Jerry Farnsworth, Eliot O'Hara, Dong Kingman, & others.


St. John was unencumbered by aesthetic rigidity.


Lithography, painting, sculpture, graphic, and mural art.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, John St. John graduated from the University of Kentucky, he was a Maxell Fellow at Syracuse University and he received a M.S. from there.

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Current Owner: Jim C.

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What Critics Have Said

Dr. Artura Machuca Padin, art critic, El Dia:

"John St. John is a mature artist. He knows where he is going and will go forward without vacillation to his artistic destiny. He possesses a perception and a dominance which enables him to carry to the canvas his intellectual and emotional world. A singular and subjective world. There are no melodramatic jarrings... no distorted shoutings... no crazy passions... there is command over all... there is dignity of control. Here is the satisfaction of finding the lost road, the perfect vehicle of communication and expression. Eternal satisfaction."

What Critics Have Said

Maurice LaReau, are editor, Ft. Lauderdale (Fla.) News and Sun Sentinel:

"This very capable painter brings a colorful collection of exciting oils... depicting his interpretation of Puerto Rico in abstract and semi-abstract terms. St. John shows a tremendous productivity and knowledge. He strives for an "honest statement. "

"St. John's philosophy is well stated in his current show. One will find a sincere, subtle but powerful expressionism in this American's work."


The Artist

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